Self Discovery

Christian Self Stirs the Pot With the Newest Addition to Kaka'ako, Bevy

Bevy in Kakaako
Text by Kelli Gratz | Images by Jonas Maon

“I believe that every cocktail should have its own ice,” says Christian Self, self- proclaimed “bar chef” and co-owner of Bevy, Kaka‘ako’s newly opened cocktail bar. My eyes widen as he hands me a glass of their Philadelphia Fish House punch with a large square ice cube floating in the middle. “You should enjoy it, make it last for a while. Large format cubes don’t melt as fast as regular ice, preventing dilution.” Continue Reading..


Connecting Lines

Matt and Roxy Ortiz Do Their Part

Vers Hawaii
Text by Sonny Ganaden | Images by John Hook

Matt and Roxy Ortiz, the duo behind the creative consulting company VERS, are community- minded artists. And in their community of Kaka‘ako, not even the littlest of creatures is ignored. As Roxy explains about what it’s like working out of Lana Lane, a reconverted warehouse now functioning as artist work spaces, she feeds grains of rice to an adopted, fledgling mynah bird she and Matt call Rookiebird. “He’s two months old now,” says Roxy. “When we first got him, he was just this little alien-looking creature. We’re just his foster parents now.”Continue Reading..