A Warm Welcome

Letsu Hoang Is The Epitome Of Hospitality

Text by Lisa Yamada | Images by Jonas Maon

Step into Insomnia Espresso Coffee just once, and Letsu Hoang, the jovial owner of the café that’s been keeping bellies full and hearts warm with Vietnamese delights since 2004, will remember you forever. Letsu (pronounced “lei-too”) will remember your face, your name, what you like to eat, and if you call frequently enough, your voice, without even having to announce who you are. “My customer, they say, ‘look like family,’” she says with a smile, her face lighting up so much her eyes crinkle. “That’s why they say they keep coming back. I have some customer come here for nine years; before, they never married, and now, they married and have three kids. Continue Reading..