End of the Rainbow

Artist Lawrence Seward

Lawrence Seward an artist is on display at SPF Gallery in Kakaako

Text by Jared Yamanuha | Image by John Hook

Conceptual artist? Photorealist painter? Mixed-media maven? It’s difficult to put a label on Lawrence Seward. In the past, his artistic output varied immensely. He’s glued glass beads to photographs, painted detailed ocean views framed by graffiti-covered concrete overpasses, fashioned minimal masks out of wood, and even constructed a large-scale paper lei out of steel. Put it this way: There’s no single, stylistic Seward trademark.Continue Reading..




Who is @misterver? (And Does that Question Even Matter?)

Text by James Cave

If the chupacabra lives in Florida, and Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, Kaka‘ako has an elusive, omnipresent visitor with an almost prescient sense for knowing when to take a picture. But this is no beast of urban legend; he is more like a street Instagrammer whose only weakness is the selfie. Continue Reading..


Mele Murals


Internationally recognized artist and community organizer Estria Miyashiro returns to Our Kaka‘ako for a series of collaborative murals inspired by song and grounded in tradition.

Text by Sonny Ganaden | Opening image by John Hook | Interior images courtesy of The Estria Foundation

Estria Miyashiro is a bona-fide celebrity in the world of community urban art. His Estria Foundation has nearly completed its Water Writes series, which brings together youth, artists, organizers, and environmental activists to create imagery that reflects the relationship between communities and waters that sustain them. The project took Estria far from his upbringing in Honolulu: murals have gone up in Palestine, the Philippines, El Salvador, and the West Coast of California. A massive collaborative piece was completed in 2011 at the nearly acre-long wall fronting the parking lot of Honolulu Community College. “It was so much work!” Estria says of the murals. “I thought it was going to be my swan song, but pretty quickly, I realized wasn’t about me. It’s about teaching and sharing and having others tell their stories. The Mele Murals project sort of evolved from the lessons we learned from Water Writes, and for me, it’s about getting back home.”Continue Reading..