Nailed It!


String art fun for the family

Text by Nicole Mosher | Images by Pete Ulatan

Inspired by intricate art from the late 1960s, string art is a fun and simple DIY project with endless possible outcomes. It is also an inexpensive yet creative way to decorate your home. You are able to transfer almost any shape directly from paper to a wooden or cork display. In this project, we will be using a heart shaped outline (which was simply printed out) and a cork board.

-Needle nose pliers
-A cork board or wooden panel
-Nails (5/8” recommended for thinner cork or wood)
-String of your color choice
-A shape printed out on regular printer paper

Step 1) After aligning the shape to a desirable position, tape the paper down to your board to secure it.

Step 2) Carefully hammer the nails through your paper into your board while following the outline of the shape. Try to keep the nails at an even height so that none are sticking too far out. Using needle nose pliers, hold the nails in place while hammering them down (watch your fingers!). Make sure to get all the corners and curves.

Step 3) Gently rip the paper off from around the nails. Do not pull too hard or it may cause the nails to pop out or become uneven.

Step 4) Take one end of your string and tie it tightly around your first nail. This will be your starting point.

Step 5) Outline your shape once, going around all of the outside nails to help define your shape.

Step 6) Freely weave your string around the nails to fill in your shape. Many people also weave in a pattern, which looks very nice as well.

Step 7) After you are satisfied with your filled shape, tie the string tightly to the same nail you started with.

Step 8) Trim both excess pieces of string, and you’re done!


Extra tips:
Using wood for your project will result in a sturdier design. Make sure to sand the wood down if it is raw. Staining the wood to a preferred color is optional.

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