A Fitting Tale


Text by Kelli Gratz | Images by Jonas Maon

“When you’re staring at a blank wall with nothing but an idea, it’s very daunting,” says Keola Rapozo, co-founder of FITTED, an internationally recognized Hawaii street and sportswear brand, from the company’s headquarters on Pohukaina Street. Amid freshly painted walls from the recent Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i is the company’s headquarters where a vintage BMW convertible sits top down, chrome gleaming. Continue Reading..


Charting New Heights


Justin Ridgely is taking the climbing scene to new heights with the only indoor bouldering gym of its kind in Hawai‘i located in Our Kaka‘ako.

Text by Lisa Yamada | Images by Ryan Moss

With Justin Ridgely dangling 20 feet above the pounding surf, fingers clutching a slight groove in the rock face, it’s hard to believe that the avid boulderer could be afraid of heights. Climbing The Arch on O‘ahu’s Westside without the aid of ropes, harnesses, or any other gear makes the ascent even more perilous, but Ridgely expertly moves from hold to hold, following the natural lines of the rock formation with broad, spider-like movements. Continue Reading..